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Snapchat preloading

When running Snapchat ads, you have the option to enable preloading. This means that when a user sees your ad, the destination (such as your Linkfire landing page) will start loading in the background, making it instantly ready when they swipe up on your ad.

However, this feature causes every ad view to falsely register as a visitor to your Linkfire link. As a result, the visitor count in your insights can be inflated, as the Snapchat ad views are not representative of actual visitors.

There is currently no way to prevent this. Snapchat also states in their official documentation that enabling preload may lead to “analytics discrepancies”.

Thus, when using Snapchat ads with Linkfire, you must choose one of two options:

  1. Keep preload disabled to keep your statistics intact and reliable.
  2. Enable preload with the knowledge that your Linkfire insights will be misleading.
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