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What Is Remarketing?

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Have you ever looked at an item (say, an album) on an online store, then noticed that particular item appear in advertisements all over the internet for weeks afterward? If so, you have been a target of remarketing.

Using remarketing tools, you can keep track of who is interested in your products and then tailor your marketing efforts towards them specifically. Linkfire allows you to implement remarketing tools from Facebook, Twitter, AdWords and others in all of your music marketing campaigns.

Let's say that you have an album coming out soon. In order to promote the album, you are releasing two singles from that album in the weeks leading up to the release. Being a savvy marketer, you include remarketing technology on your Linkfire campaigns when promoting these singles. This means that when your album is released, you can strongly focus your marketing efforts on consumers who have explicitly expressed an interest in your album by listening to the previously released singles. This significantly optimizes your marketing spend.

This is just one example of many. You can use remarketing to sell albums, concert tickets, official merchandise and any number of other products related to your artist.

To leverage your unique consumer data for remarketing purposes, integrate your ad accounts with Linkfire.

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