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Can I Move A Campaign From One Board To Another?

You can move a campaign from one board to another when editing that campaign. The prerequisites in order to be able to do so are:

  1. You must be an Admin or Editor on both boards.
  2. The destination board must have available the domain of the campaign you are moving.

To move a campaign, first select to edit that campaign. Locate the section called Organize. Here you will see a field called Board, which is filled with the name of the board the campaign is currently in. Hover over the green checkmark, and it will turn into an "X". Click this to remove the current board from the field.

Now start typing in the empty field the name of the board you want to move this campaign to. Any boards you can move it to should start to show up. Select the one you want to move this campaign to.

Once the Board field contains the board you want this campaign to belong to, scroll to the bottom of the page and click Update Link.

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