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What Are Channels And How Do They Work?

You probably promote your content across a variety of different media platforms. The same Linkfire campaign is often shared across several Facebook pages and Twitter handles, as well as being linked to from banner ads across the web. It can be hard to keep track of exactly where your traffic is coming from.

Linkfire alleviates this problem through the creation and use of Channels. In your board settings, create a channel for each source that you expect your campaign to be shared through. For example, you might share a campaign for your newest album on both your label's Facebook page and the artist's Facebook page. In addition, you may be running paid advertisements on Facebook. In order to distinguish between traffic coming from these three sources, you can create three channels called "Facebook Label", "Facebook Artist" and "Facebook Ads".

When you copy the URL for your campaign, Linkfire will prompt you to select a channel. Selecting a channel for your campaign appends a two-character code to your campaign's URL, making it easy for you to share the correct URL with the correct source. Fans won’t be able to tell the difference between your campaigns no matter which channel you select - the only difference is that Linkfire will now keep track of exactly where your traffic is coming from. This way, you can evaluate which of your traffic sources are performing the best.

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