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Find Your Amazon Affiliate Details

Note: this feature is reserved for Premium users

Like many other retailers, Amazon has an affiliate program that lets you sign up and earn commissions on sales. If a user purchases a product on Amazon through your recommendation, you will earn a varying percentage of that purchase.

You can integrate your affiliate user with Linkfire, so any Linkfire campaigns sending fans to Amazon will do so with your affiliate identification. If you already have your Amazon Associate Tracking ID ready, contact your personal account manager at Linkfire to get this set up. If not, read on to find out how to get your affiliate details.

Signing up to the Amazon affiliate program

Amazon has several regional stores, and you will need a separate affiliate account with each independent regional store that you wish to earn commissions on. See the links below for the affiliate programs of various Amazon regional stores.

Amazon United States
Amazon United Kingdom
Amazon Germany
Amazon Italy
Amazon Brazil
Amazon Canada
Amazon France
Amazon Japan
Amazon Mexico
Amazon Spain
Amazon India

The pages above will have an intuitive sign-up process. To sign up, you must have an existing Amazon account on the respective regional store.

Find your affiliate details

Once you have signed up for the Amazon Associates program, you will be able to sign into your personalized dashboard, where you can find all of the information you need about your account and any sales you generate.

In order to integrate with Linkfire, you will need to find your Amazon Tracking ID. The interface may vary depending on the regional store of Amazon you are signed into, but you should find your Tracking ID in an area like the one in the screenshot below.

Once you have found and noted down your unique Tracking ID, contact your dedicated account manager to have it applied to your Linkfire account. If you do not know who to contact, write to us at

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