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What Is The Difference Between Clicks And Visitors?

Linkfire insights show you a range of different metric to track how your campaigns are doing. Among these are "clicks" and "visitors". These are different methods of tracking traffic to your campaigns.

We define a visitor as being a human user succesfully visiting a campaign's landing page or being redirected to its destination. Furthermore, we only count such a user as a single visitor within a 10 minute period. This means that if the same user visits your landing page within a 10 minute period, he or she will still only count as being one single visitor.

We define a click as being any form of traffic to your campaign. This includes users who visit it more than once within 10 minutes. It even includes automatic generators of traffic, such as bots which may be trying to create fraudulent advertisement traffic or automatically fetch information from your campaigns.

Some of your promotional tools may report traffic numbers which we define as being clicks, not visitors. Therefore, we still want to show you the number of total clicks, so that you can compare it to other reporting tools you may be using. Keep in mind that we do recommend that you only consider visitors as being a valid representation of human traffic to your campaigns, and that you disregard the amount of clicks for this purpose. Therefore, all of the further percentages and statistics in your Linkfire insights reports are based on the number of visitors, not clicks.

Below, you can see descriptions of some sources of clicks that are not deemed visitors.

Repeat visitors
Some fans will visit your campaign twice. For example, they may visit your landing page and select to hear your release on a streaming platform. Some will like it enough to go back and then select a platform where they can purchase a download of the release. A user doing this within 10 minutes will count as one visitor, but two clicks.

Dropped connections
Some users will click on your promotion, but will for some reason be prevented from succesfully loading the campaign. We track when a user establishes a connection to our server, but we also track whether or not they succesfully load the landing page or are redirected to a destination, since we only want to report valid visitors to your campaigns. A user who clicks on your promotion but, for example, closes the tab before it finishes loading will count as zero visitors, but one click.

There are different types of bots that may visit your campaigns. A bot is a term for a computer program that automatically scours the internet and visits a myriad of different web destinations for various purposes.
Some bots have earned a bad reputation, as they may be programmed for malicious purposes and can skew your online analytics. Many bots serve a more benign purpose, such as social media management software which visits links shared on social media on behalf of their users in order to determine the content on the destination.

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