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Can I Filter The Campaigns I See On My Dashboard?

Absolutely. Filtering your campaigns is a great way to keep a clear overview of your marketing efforts. The easiest way to filter them is by clicking on the tab for one of four pre-set filters:


  • This will let you see all campaigns by a specific artist.


  • Here you can see all campaigns that have been tagged with a certain keyword. Remember to use tags consistently in your campaigns to help you organize your workflow!


  • This will let you view all campaigns created by a specific person on your team. This is great if you only need an overview of campaigns created by yourself, or if you want to use someone else's work as an example.


  • All of your campaigns have a certain specified domain, e.g. or Using this filter shows you all campaigns that share a domain.

In addition to these four presets, you can search for specific links or keywords using the search function. It will suggest any People, Artists or other elements, and this lets you mix and match several parameters to create a truly custom filter for maximum overview.

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