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Widget: How To Embed A Linkfire Campaign On Your Website

When promoting your content using a Linkfire campaign, you can choose to either share it as a flexible URL across the internet, or to embed it as a beautiful and functional widget on your very own website or blog. An embedded widget is a great way to engage with your fans without them ever leaving your own ecosystem.

Using your embedded widget, visitors will be able to:

  • Listen to a 30 second preview of your content.
  • If they are logged in to Deezer, a visitor can listen to full tracks.
  • Share the content with their friends with social media buttons.
  • Click through to the content on iTunes, Spotify and other music services.
  • Click through to buy tickets, if you have enabled this option.

See our widget in action in a variety of sizes and formats at the end of this article.

How to activate the widget

Any of your Linkfire campaigns can be turned into a widget. You can do this either when creating your campaign, or later when editing it. When you do so, look for the section called "Widget", which is disabled by default.

In order to activate the widget for this campaign, just hit the toggle button called "Enable widget for this link". This will expand the section with a preview of your widget and various options for customization.

By default, you can enable and customize two buttons on your widget. One is by default titled "Listen", and this is the button that visitors will click to listen to your content on their chosen music service. The other is by default called "Get tickets". You can customize what it will be called and which URL it should take visitors to.

Additionally, you can customize the appearance and function of other elements on the widget.

How to embed your widget

In order to embed your widget on your website or blog, you will need to have access to edit the site's HTML. If you don't know how to access this, ask the person responsible for maintaining your website.

You embed the widget by embedding a short HTML code snippet, which is provided by Linkfire. In order to get this code snippet, hit the drop-down arrow next to "Get link", which will appear once you have enabled the widget for this particular campaign.

Select the widget, and then select a channel. You will now be presented with a new interface featuring three different elements: a preview of your widget, a field for selecting your desired size for the widget, and a field that will provide you with the actual code required to embed your widget. Select your desired size, and then press "Copy embed code" to copy the code snippet to your clipboard.

The last step is to paste this code into your website or blog's HTML. The result should be something like the widget below. 


300 x 300


300 x 250


600 x 300


300 x 600


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