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Campaign Specific Channels For Detailed Insights

Note: this feature is reserved for Premium users

We always recommend that you use channels when promoting your campaigns to collect as detailed insights as possible on which promotions are performing the best. Using channels that you create in your board settings, you can keep track of similar promotional activities over time. But sometimes, a particular promotion is quite unique to a particular release. In this case, you can use campaign channels.

What is a campaign channel?

A campaign channel is just like a regular channel, but instead of creating it in your board settings, you create it for one particular campaign only. This lets you get creative and set up unique channels for unique scenarios without cluttering your channels for all of your campaigns.

Let's say that your latest release is being featured on a music blog. This doesn't quite fall under any of your other promotional activities, but of course you still want to measure how it's doing relative to other promotions for this particular release. In this case, you would probably create a new channel for this campaign only.

How to create and use campaign channels

When you select to copy the URL for a campaign from your Linkfire dashboard, you are presented with a choice between the different channels you have created. However, you will also notice a field titled "Add campaign channel". In order to create a channel for this specific campaign only, just write the desired channel name in this field.

Once you have added a new channel in this section, it will be available to use, just like your other channels. However, it will only be available for this particular campaign, so you don't have to worry about creating too many and cluttering up your list of channels for other campaigns.

Remember, these channels are campaign specific, and so not good for measuring similar promotional activities, such as newsletter promotions or standard paid advertisements, over time. Only use campaign channels in cases where you will need to compare efforts for one campaign only, and not compare them over periods of time between several campaigns.

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