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Manage Users On Your Board

In Board Settings, you can invite new users and manage their access rights to your board. You can do this in the section titled User management.

Invite a new user to your board

To invite a new user to your board, hit the Invite user button.

This will bring up a window where you can enter the email address for the user you want to invite. You can invite several users at once by entering several email addresses. If you want to include a custom message, you can add that here as well.

If you check the box called "Assign new members admin role", any new members will be Admins on your board. If you leave this box blank, they will be Readers. Read about these user roles below.

If the invitee already has a Linkfire user, they will receive an email and a notification on our website that they have been invited, along with a link to accept the invite and join the board. If they do not already have a user, they will receive an email with a link inviting them to create a new user and join your board. Once they have created their user, you can invite them to more boards.

Managing user roles

To manage which users have access to which features on your Linkfire board, select the respective role next to their name in the user overview.

You can select between three different roles: Reader, Editor & Admin

  • Reader - may only see your campaigns' setup details and insights. This is useful for users who need to be able to see how your marketing efforts are going, but who should not be able to create or edit any campaigns of their own.
  • Editor - has access to the same features as a reader, but may also freely create and edit campaigns.
  • Admin - has access to the same features as readers and editors, but may also make changes to your board's settings. This means that they can alter your affiliate information, remarketing implementations and other default settings which apply to all campaigns. They can also invite new users and change existing users' permissions. Reserve this role for highly trusted staff members only.
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