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Automatically Rescan Results

Many links created on Linkfire are for tracks or albums that have not yet been released on all music services. You can always refresh your links to get the newest results when you know those to be available, but this takes time, and you risk forgetting to do so.

Using Linkfire's automatic rescanner, you can schedule rescans for when your content will hit new music platforms. That way, your landing pages stay up-to-date with all services where your content is available.

Be aware that release times communicated by your distributor could fluctuate, which means the release may actually not be available for us to find at the exact time. Because of that we recommend that you don't start promotion on the clock of expected release time, as we might not be able to find the release on all DSP's immediately. 

Schedule a rescan

When creating or editing your link, you will find a section titled Rescan. Activate this section to schedule new rescans.rescanner_disabled1.png

Once you have done so, you can add individual rescans for selected services to the schedule.

To add a rescan to the schedule, first select the service you would like to rescan. Then select on which date you would like that rescan to happen. Optionally, select a specific time of day. Lastly, you can enter a UPC or ISRC which you would like to scan. If you leave this field blank, the service will be rescanned based on your original input URL when creating the link.rescanner_datepicker2.png

When you've entered the details for this rescan, click the "+" button to add it to your queue.rescanner_addnew3.png

When you have added rescans like this, they will show up beneath the input field under the title Scheduled. This shows you the details for all scheduled rescans, including a countdown until the rescan will be initiated. Once a scheduled rescan begins, Linkfire will scan for the content several times over the next 24 hours. If you want to rescan the same service several days apart, you will need to schedule a rescan for each day. 

After the first rescan, the schedule for subsequent rescans is this:

  • After 5 minutes
  • After 10 minutes
  • After 20 minutes
  • After 30 minutes
  • After 60 minutes
  • continuously every hour until 24 hours

When a result is found, it is automatically added to your Music Matches section, and you will be notified by email. If the result is a 95% match or higher, we will automatically add it to the "Active" section on your landing page. If the match percentage is lower, the service will be added to the "Inactive" section for manual approval by you.


Once you have added all of your desired rescans, remember to scroll to the bottom of the page and hit "update link" to save your rescan schedule.

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