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Linkfire is built to empower you to promote your music, which often takes the form of singles or albums. But as a format, playlists have been making headway as one of the most popular ways to consume music. Using our tool, you can now route fans to your playlists across different music services.

How to create a Linkfire playlist campaign

In order for Linkfire to automatically scan your playlist and find matching playlists elsewhere, you will need to start with the URL to your playlist on a supported service. We currently support Spotify and Deezer, with more services on the way. Don't worry, any other service can always be added manually.

To get started, click the "+" button in the top right of your Linkfire dashboard and paste in your playlist URL.

Click "Continue", and Linkfire will start scanning your playlist. If you entered a Spotify URL, we will scan for the corresponding playlist on Deezer and vice versa. You can then manually enter a URL for the playlist on any other music service that you have added in your board settings under the Default territory.

This feature will be continually expanded as we add more services to the list of supported services that we will scan automatically.

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