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How Does Linkfire Work?

Each time someone clicks on your tracking link, they’ll be redirected to your specified destination URL. During this redirection process, Linkfire collects valuable data such as the geographic location, device type, referral domain and much more. Using this data, Linkfire creates detailed and real-time insights that help you understand how your links are performing.

Our features allow you to:

  • Retain brand identity by customising your domain(s), so that people recognise your brand in each link.
  • Set different destinations for different users based on their location, device type and time period; for example, route smartphone users to your mobile website, or Spanish speakers to your Spanish language website etc.
  • Deep-link users to mobile apps such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Spotify or your own app.
  • Embed a call-to-action banner on every website you link to and drive conversions through the content you share with fans, followers and readers.
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