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How To Create A Linkfire Link

When creating a link on Linkfire, you always do so with a source URL. This is the main URL for your link. To get started, click the "+" button in the top right corner of Linkfire.

Now, find the URL you want to create your link with, and paste it into the input field that showed up.

When you click "Continue", Linkfire will scan your URL and create your new smart link. Depending on the URL you created your link with, Linkfire will automatically create one of three different types of links:

Music link
A link to a track or album. A link of this type will have a beautiful landing page and typically offer your fans to go to your content on different services.
To create this type of link, use a valid music URL as your source URL. We recommend using links to Spotify or iTunes for best results.

Playlist link
This is similar to a music link, and it also features the familiar landing page. However, as playlists are managed slightly differently across services, these links look slightly different when you create them.
To create this type of link, use a URL to a playlist on Spotify or Deezer as your source URL.

Content link
If you use a non-music link as your source URL, Linkfire will create a content link. This type of link has no landing page, but you can still customize the behavior of the link in different ways and collect detailed insights. Content links are typically used to link to concert tickets, articles about your newest releases or other destinations that are not actually music.

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